Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun Green websites worth checking out

Hello Everyone,

I was doing some Green e-net surfing and found some really cool and fun websites that are totally worth checking out. There is so much information out there and many websites are filled with spam or just plain overcrowded and overwhelming. Lets face it most of us do not have enough time to be in front of the computer looking through hundreds of websites just to find some useful information. The following websites are environmental friendly and dedicated to help people go green. Check them out!

The Green IQ: is a website that includes many tips on how to be a greener person. Cool tips about beauty, gifts, home, work, etc. The best part about this website is that in the beginning of the website theres a quiz about your green IQ, if you take the quiz they will plant a tree for contributing your time. This is great cause, I encourage you to take the quiz, its another tree in our earth.

G-Liviing: This site is very trendy and up-to-date with the latest fashion, beauty secrets, celebrity articles and more. Everything on this site is about Green living with style.

Rehash: This site allows people to trade their clothes or other accessories with others. Based on the reviews I read from "rehashers", its a system that really works. Trading your items instead of throwing them away is a great way to practice being green and get a new wardrobe at the same time without spending a dime.

So let me know what you think about these websites. Would you trade your clothes online? its worth a try and all for a good cause :)


Anonymous said...

I dont know if I could trade my clothes with other people. I know its for a good cause but I'm weird about things like that. Maybe some handbags or something like that. Its a good idea though, I know a lot of people that shop at thrift stores and this website would be like music to their ears.

Rachy said...

There are great consignment shops around too that allow you to shop green and save money! One of my favorite high-end clothing consignment shops in San Francisco is GoodByes in Laurel Heights (

And aside from Craigslist, my family and I have bought plenty of furniture and art from the Home Consignment Center in the East Bay (

Great blog, Lucy!